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In 2003, whilst visiting a gaushala (cow sanctuary) in India, I was inspired to write a book called ‘Through the Eyes of a Cow’. During this research period I became aware of the power of animals as teachers.

Cows demonstrated that their social structures are based on nurturing relationships, equality, compassion and that humanity could benefit greatly from following the example their peaceful natures provide.

At the time, I was also visiting multiple intensive farms and contemplating a world where animals were appreciated and loved rather than being subjected to varying levels of cruelty.

I consulted with holistic architect, Anthony Ashworth, an expert in the Indian tradition of Hindu architecture vastu shastra and Feng Shui and the early stages of planning an animal healing centre began (pictured left).

The centre is a place where people can connect with themselves and their companion animals on a deeper level, a place where all species will be valued and respected and a place that provides the opportunity to experience self- love and happiness.  


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